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Dom Jones is a renowned Southern California Public Figure and respected Community Leader, Social Justice Advocate, Health & Wellness Professional and Motivational Speaker, to hundreds of thousands. As a strong and notable voice in America, Dom Jones inspires, encourages, and is a stalwart champion for serving others, community, and the advancement of our youth in today's society.


Dom is a Master Cycling Instructor and Fitness Professional with nearly 20 years experience helping others achieve mental, emotional and physical well-being. Dom is the CEO and owner in Huntington Beach, CA of a Premier Indoor Cycling Studio, Propel Cycle Inc. Dom has masterful experience in helping others through: life coaching, personal development, and interpersonal counseling.


With experience as an educator with special needs youth, Dom understands the needs of all members of society, especially those in disenfranchised circumstances. Being a product of the foster care system, and being an unhoused youth herself as a child, Dom seeks to

create a holistic environment of compassion and care within the communities she serves.


Dom cares deeply about those she can reach, she leads with her heart, and impacts with her soul. Every human that ever comes in contact with her, always realizes they're not alone, they have support, they can achieve all their dreams, and most importantly, their human existence matters greatly.


Huntington Beach Business owner and Community Leader Dom Jones has dedicated her entire life to rectifying issues ranging from homelessness, displaced youth, women's empowerment, racial equity and small business development along with protecting our first responders and educators.


To build community harmony and unity, Dom Jones has sought appointment to the Huntington Beach City Council Seat and built support that galvanized the city to appoint the first African-American person to represent Huntington Beach, CA on the dais.


In harmony with creating opportunities for equality, Dom has led panels in Huntington Beach that explore concerns with discrimination and foster a culture of inclusion and empathy. Dom focuses on building collaborative partnerships with community and political leaders to listen and explore strategies that serve Huntington Beach, Orange County, Southern California and The United States at large.


Dom also supports her community through charitable giving and aims to uplift the wellbeing and health of Huntington Beach residents through her involvement in programs with Huntington Beach Youth Shelter (Waymakers OC). Dom mentors young women in developing life skills and educates thousands of youth in middle and high schools across America as Co-Founder and Program Director of The You Matter Global Movement (YMGM) on the importance of overcoming adversity, self-love, resiliency, and authenticity.


Dom joyously supports young female-identifying women in developing the skills to run for elected office as Co-Founder & CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of DemocraShe. Furthermore, Dom serves with Planned Parenthood on the Electoral and Advocacy Committee and seeks to continually create more provisions nationally for women's reproductive rights and opportunities for women to run for elected office. Dom Jones works closely with The Democratic Party Of Orange County (DPOC) and continually supports candidates running for political office who uplift and unify America through practical and reasonable legislation, putting Americans first.


Dom is a former missionary and ordained minister who aims to address our country’s difficulties today in finding harmony as one nation. Ultimately Dom always seeks to foster unity through collaboration, education, wellness, and balanced Legislation. She has further learned Vietnamese and Tagalog to build unity and help uplift more voices in The United States of America. Dom Jones lives her entire life by the mantra:


"Find the Love and Light within yourself, live in gratitude, then light a pathway for others to find the Love and Light within themselves. Serve one another. "

Dom lives with her partner, Richard, who has been active in KIWANIS and Key Club for over 15 years and they collaborate as partners in their Social-Emotional Learning educational organization.

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Dom's Community Focus

Dom is ready to work for the United States of America in a POWERFUL way! Here are a few subjects Dom cares deeply about:

Strengthening our Small Businesses and Building Economic Success

Ensuring local business owners have healthy collaboration and positive support from city services, in order to help all local businesses thrive.

Addressing the Homelessness Crisis

Building cross-county coalitions to help shelter those in need, enhance navigation centers, and address root issues such as the affordable housing crisis.


Supporting our Community and Youth Programs

Uplift and creatively develop more community, health, and wellness programs, along with program accessibility for all.

Protecting Our Police, Fire Fighters, and Labor Force

Ensure that our Police, Fire Fighters, and First Responders are properly upheld as the guardians and protectors of our city. Protecting our city's essential workers to ensure they are treated with respect, receive fair compensation, and their families are taken care of.

Creating Equity and Equality for All

Creating programs that address systemic structures that impede the development and growth of minority groups. Listening and creating solutions for housing those in need with families. Collaborating with other community leaders and building a strong educational system built to enrich our students and lead them into a future of robust life skills and financial stewardship.



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-Dom Jones ❤

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